While the Unicode text engine in QuarkXPress (US) and QuarkXPress Passport 7 now allow you to enter East Asian glyphs, these versions are not able to process other East Asian features, such as Right to Left text flow or Vertical Story Direction. Therefore, you can open QuarkXPress (US) and QuarkXPress Passport projects in any East Asian version of QuarkXPress, but you cannot open an East Asian project (QuarkXPress for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages) in QuarkXPress (US) or QuarkXPress Passport.

The QuarkXPress 9 Plus Edition is built for users who require in-depth features for the formatting of East Asian text. In addition to the productivity, design-driven automation, and digital publishing features of QuarkXPress 9, the Plus Edition includes dozens of East Asian features.

East Asian Features

• More than 20 additional OpenType® font features

• A user-friendly punctuation character spacing (Mojigumi) feature

• An ideographic grid with character count

• Vertical story support

• Scan printer fonts

• Group character

• Kinsoku (non-breaking character set)

• Rubi

• Right-to-left measure

• Character count

• Font set

• Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese Program (UI) languages

• And more

For more information on QuarkXpress Plus Edition please go through the link - QuarkXPress Plus Edition