There are several different ways in which users can zoom in/out of QuarkXPress projects:

  1. Select the zoom tool from the toolbar.
  2. Click on the project.
  3. To Zoom out, hold down the Option key (Alt key on Windows) and then click on the project after you have selected the Zoom tool.

A second way to change the Zoom percentage is to press the Control key and then press the 'v' key. This will highlight the Zoom percentage field in the lower left corner of the QuarkXPress window. Type in the Zoom percentage you want and then press the Return key.

A third way to zoom in/out is by clicking on the View menu and then clicking on any one of the listed options (50%, 100%, 200%, Fit in Windows, Actual Size).

You can also zoom in/out by using the following shortcut keys:

Mac OS:

  • Zoom in - Control Shift Click
  • Zoom out - Control Option Click


  • Zoom in - Control Spacebar Click
  • Zoom out - Control Spacebar Alt Click