Down-Save or Down-Size options in QuarkXPress 8:

  1. QuarkXPress 8 can save project files down to version 7.x. Go to File > Export > Layout as Project.
  2. QuarkXPress 8 can open files created in all versions of QuarkXPress 3.31 and higher.
  3. QuarkXPress 8 East Asian or Plus Editions can Down-Save or Down-Size to QuarkXPress 6 Japanese or Korean. Reason being, there was no QuarkXPress 7 for Japanese and Korean edition

Whenever you down-save or down-size a project from QuarkXPress 8, any items or content created with QuarkXPress 8– specific features will be lost such as:

  1. Hanging Punctuation will be lost.
  2. Design Grids will be lost.
  3. In the case where multiple baseline grids are defined in a layout, the first used Master Page Grid will be defined as the baseline grid for the entire layout.

To Down-Save a project to a lower version ; please refer Article Number AE0105

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