Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 7.5:

RESOLVED: If you import a Microsoft® Word file with a style sheet that (a) uses the Automatic color and (b) is based on a style sheet that does not use the Automatic color, the Automatic-color text in the Word file imports as Registration-color text in QuarkXPress.

RESOLVED: Style sheets can sometimes be lost if you save text in Microsoft Word 97/98/2000 format.

RESOLVED: If you open a project that uses fonts that must be activated by a font management utility, the fonts might not be applied correctly in the project.

RESOLVED: You cannot create PostScript output of a layout with a text box that contains more than 65,536 characters.

RESOLVED: During spell check, QuarkXPress supplies incorrect suggestions for numeric dates, such as “1940’s” and “1950s.”

RESOLVED: During spell check, QuarkXPress incorrectly flags words that contain both apostrophes and discretionary hyphens.

RESOLVED: Text reflow might occur if you open a project that contains an automatically kerned character pair after text that has hidden text attributes. Text reflow might also occur if you open a project saved in an earlier version of QuarkXPress if that project contains a character늖 kerning pair at the end of a hyphenated word.

RESOLVED: QuarkXPress might unexpectedly quit or stop responding if you modify text or objects in a way that changes the hyphenation of words that require a spelling change when they hyphenate.

RESOLVED: When a word requires a spelling change for correct hyphenation, QuarkXPress might incorrectly modify that spelling change following a right indent tab in justified text.

RESOLVED: The spell checker for Greek text does not always provide a correct list of suggestions.

RESOLVED: If Auto Save is enabled, a project’s file size increases for no obvious reason.

RESOLVED: If a folder name contains diacritics and you save a project in that folder, a second folder with a nonsense name is created in the same directory as the original folder.

RESOLVED: If you import an “XPress Tags” file that does not contain formatting, and the insertion point where the text is imported has tab settings, the tab settings are cleared.

RESOLVED: If you use a right-indent tab in a line of text that ends with a punctuation mark followed by a space, the text after the tab reflows to the next line. This issue occurs only with certain punctuation marks, and only with certain fonts.

RESOLVED: The spell checker for German text mistakenly recognizes words in quotation marks as capitalization issues.

RESOLVED: If a text box contains text that uses the Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish, or Ukrainian character language, and you enter text that uses another character language following a line of text that contains a hyphen, the hyphenation specifications are removed from all preceding lines of text.

RESOLVED: When you enter text manually, a delay occurs before the text displays.

RESOLVED (Mac OS only): If you print a project from your hard drive, and this project contains pictures that are linked to a folder on a server, and this folder contains several thousand images, it can take a long time to print the project.

RESOLVED: Anchored items on hidden layers are sometimes visible on output.

RESOLVED (Mac OS only): If you create a paragraph style sheet that includes rule indents, use the Job Jackets Manager dialog box to add that style sheet to a Job Ticket, save and close the project, and then reopen the project, the value in the Offset field might be incorrect.

RESOLVED (Mac OS 10.5.x only): You cannot set the color of a grayscale image using AppleScript®.

RESOLVED: When you get the properties of a grayscale picture using AppleScript, the list of properties does not include opacity, shade, and picture background color.

RESOLVED: The AppleScript close document saving yes command results in the message “An error of type 6 has occurred.”

RESOLVED: PDF import can be slow, especially on network volumes.

RESOLVED: Issues with Russian, Swedish, and Hungarian spell checking.