The Picture Effects palette lets you apply effects such as sharpening and contrast adjustment to pictures. This palette displays only when QuarkVista XTensions software is installed.Use QuarkVista picture effects to get a color-picker reading in QuarkXPress.

  1. Select the picture using the Item tool.
  2. Choose Window > Picture Effects. The Picture Effects palette opens.
  3. Select Curves from the Adjustments drop-down menu in the Picture Effects palette.
  4. When the Curves window opens, click OK. Do not make any changes.
  5. At the bottom of the Picture Effects palette, click the arrow next to the Info tab to display RGB and CMYK values.
  6. Move your cursor over the picture with the NULL curve applied to it to capture CMYK or RGB color readings from the picture.
  7. Use these color readings to create new colors in QuarkXPress for use on text, lines, and shapes.