More Information: Nonmatching Preferences alert

The Nonmatching Preferences alert displays when you open a project that was last saved with kerning table information, tracking table information, or hyphenation exceptions that are different from the settings contained in the current preferences files. You have the option of using the settings in the project or those in the preferences files.

If you click Use XPress Preferences, the preference information that had been saved with the project is ignored and all layouts in a project are changed to the preference settings in your preferences files. Text might reflow because of different automatic kerning or tracking information or different hyphenation exceptions. Changes you make to these settings while the project is active are stored both in the project and in the preferences files.


The advantage of the XPress Preferences feature is that the project will be based on the same kerning table information, tracking table information, and hyphenation exceptions as your other projects.

If you click Keep Document Settings, the project will retain the preferences previously specified for each layout. Text will not reflow. Automatic kerning, tracking, or hyphenation exception changes made while the project is active will be stored only with the project.


The Keep Document Settings feature is useful if you want to open and print a layout without running the risk of text reflow.