The versatility of the format and the ubiquity of Flash Player have made SWF the format of choice for any creative group seeking to develop interactive projects that are visually stunning, capable of sophisticated interactivity, and within the reach of anyone who looks at a screen.

With Interactive layouts, you can create vibrant, interactive SWF projects, complete with sound, movies, and animation, using the time-tested feature set that makes QuarkXPress the world's best page layout application — without having to learn a new and complex authoring environment.

The process of creating an Interactive layout is simple. You just draw the objects in the layout using the same QuarkXPress tools and features you use in Print layouts, including text and picture boxes, style sheets, and so forth. Then you select these 'building block' objects and make them interactive with three simple steps:

  1. Name the object.
  2. Define the user event (what the end user does with the mouse) that the object should respond to.
  3. Define the action or actions that should be triggered by the user event.

Note: Hanging characters and design grid features are not available in Interactive layouts.