AppleScript lets you control applications such as QuarkXPress with scripts. AppleScript is an intuitive, easy-to-learn scripting language that has been built into Mac OS® .You can write a script to do anything from simple formatting tasks to complex database publishing.

The Mac OS version of QuarkXPress includes many examples of scripts that perform useful functions. These are available from the AppleScript menu in QuarkXPress. You can modify these scripts to suit your own purposes, or run them as-is.

The latest enhancements to AppleScript scripting include the addition of the Tables Suite as well as reference objects for tables, OPI, and bleeds. (OPI and bleed objects require OPI or Custom Bleeds QuarkXTensions.)

The Scripts XTension is required to run AppleScript scripts that communicate with QuarkXPress 5.0 or later. When the Script XTension is loaded, the Scripts menu displays as a part of the default QuarkXPress menus. We have included AppleScripts perform a variety of commonly used tasks, such as linking text boxes, creating crop marks for picture boxes, and automatically creating grids of ruler guides and boxes. These scripts can also be accessed from the “Scripts” folder within the QuarkXPress folder if you want to open or edit them in Script Editor.