It depends on what kind of work you do. Both have a French and an English User Interface incorporated into them, and you can upgrade to either edition from your QuarkXPress 7 Canadian Edition (as well as from older versions of QuarkXPress 3-6).

Worldwide ALL editions contain the same languages for hyphenation and justification. They also share the same file format, so any Edition can open any file created by any other Edition. 'Americas' and 'Americas Plus' Editions have two differences:

  1. The Plus Edition also has East Asian user interfaces (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  2. The Plus Edition also has East Asian authoring capabilities e.g. Design Grids, Vertical and Horizontal Story Direction, Rubi, Mojigumi, Font Set Scanning (to see if a printer has a specific East Asian font), and East Asian Font Downloading.

The great thing about sharing the same file format is that when a non-'Plus' will open a document created by a 'Plus' edition, everything is retained, no reflow, no loss. In your non-'Plus' Edition you can even use (apply) style sheets that have the additional East Asian stuff in it (and it works). The only thing you cannot do is redefine or define new ones using East Asian typography features.