QuarkXTensions are add-on software modules created by Quark that seamlessly add functionality to QuarkXPress software.XTensions software lets you add completely new features and functionality to QuarkXPress through software add-ins. XTensions are add-on software modules written by third-party developers that allow users to customize QuarkXPress to meet their particular publishing needs. QuarkXTensions and XTensions are available for both Mac OS and Windows. Most retail XTensions modules can be purchased through distributors of third-party XTensions.

GLUON has been writing XTensions since 1990, the year that QuarkXPress® became extensible. Over the last 10 years, GLUON has been on the cutting edge of the convergence between web and print so that you can almost achieve anything in abrowser that you once had to do on your desktop. Basically—it's the future of publishing.

All newer GLUON products can be downloaded for trial purposes and then unlocked with a Registration Code which can be purchased from us online, by phone or through a favored reseller.

For more information on Gluon please go through the link - Gluon