QuarkXPress Passport software is a tool for users who publish for an international or multilingual audience. Use QuarkXPress Passport if you publish documents that:

  • Are created in one language and need to be published in other languages

  • Contain more than one language (for example, assembly instructions, travel guides, airline magazines, packaging, and brochures)

  • Are created in one country or site and then sent to another country or site for review or translation

QuarkXPress Passport is often used by companies that output documents in more than one language or that need to communicate with an international audience. Typical users might include governmental agencies, embassies, translation agencies, advertising agencies, airlines, multi-national corporations, cultural centers, pharmaceutical companies, travel agencies, and public transportation departments.

QuarkXpress Passport is available in QuarkXPress 6 & 7 only.

For QuarkXpress 8 and 9 we have QuarkXPress Plus Edition.

For more information on QuarkXpress Plus Edition please go through the link - QuarkXPress Plus Edition