In QuarkXPress Server there is a parameter to monitor subrendering routines called '-monitorsubrenders -queryinterval -noofretries -recycle'. This parameter is useful in the event QuarkXPress Server goes to a hang state. With these parameters defined, QuarkXPress Server monitors the subrender process and recycles it if it goes into the hang state.

You can set the monitoring routines for subrenderers using the following steps:

Windows Operating System:

  1. Launch the Command Prompt window by typing cmd on Run.
  2. Change the directory to the QuarkXPress Server folder.
    Example: cd 'C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress Server 7.2\QuarkXPress Server'
  3. Add the -subrenders n (number of subrenders) in the end and click enter.
    Example: QuarkXPress Server.exe -subrenders n -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries 20 –recycle in the end.
  4. Click enter.


  1. Right click on the application shortcut and go to Properties.
  2. In the Target field, add the -subrenders n (number of subrenders) at the end, (“C:\Program Files\....\QuarkXPress Server.exe” -subrenders n -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries–recycle)
  3. Click the Apply or OK button.
  4. Launch the application from the shortcut.

For Mac OS:

  1. Launch the Terminal.
  2. Change the directory to the QuarkXPress Server folder.
    Example: cd '/Applications/QuarkXPress Server 7.2/QuarkXPress'
  3. Run QuarkXPress Server with the subrenderer parameter enabled.
    Example: ./-subrenders n -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries 20 –recycle
    ./QuarkXPress Server -subrenders 2 -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600–noofretries 20 –recycle


  1. Right click on the QuarkXPress Serverapplication and select Show Package Contents.
  2. Inside the Contents folder go to the MacOS folder.
  3. Drag the QuarkXPress Server file onto a Terminal window.
  4. Type '–subrenders n -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries 20 –recycle'
  5. Click Enter.

Additional Information:


These suggested parameters monitor the health check of the Subrenderers:

  • Queryinterval: The tiime in seconds before sending the next request to the Subrenderer.
  • Noofretries: Number of Retries sets the Subrenderers before restarting the process.
  • Recycle: This will restart the process if it goes into the hang state.

On the Windows Operating System, if a subrenderer is found to be hung during this time period, or if there is no change in memory during this time period, 'Master' kills the subrenderer, which then relaunches automatically. The recycle parameter is not mandatory on the Windows operating system to control re-launch of a Subrenderer.

On the Mac operating system, however, the 'monitorsubrenders' parameter is implemented with a recycle parameter only. The request will be killed only when a recycle parameter is given. If a recycle parameter is omitted, then 'master 'will not re-launch the hang process.

For the Windows operating system, the parameter works as described for the following scenarios:

In a case where the recycle parameter is not given, QuarkXPress Server monitors the memory usage and will recycle the Subrenderer if it is found to be in a hang state where there are no memory usage changes. ('-monitorsubrenders -queryinterval -noofretries)

If the recycle parameter is given, after the query interval and number of retries are

reached, then QuarkXPress Server will recycle the Subrenderer even if the request is being processed.

Example: '-monitorsubrenders -queryinterval -noofretries -recycle'.

It is recommended that the query interval and noofretries parameter be defined to match the worst case scenario when adjusting the query-interval to the longest time a request could possibly take in the current environment.