Follow these steps to create a virtual printer.

  1. Quit out of QuarkXPress.

  2. Check to see if there is already a default printer listed in the Control Panel.

  3. If there is a default printer, but it doesn't seem to be recognized by QuarkXPress, then set any other printer (if available) as the default printer.

  4. If no other printer is installed, create a virtual printer as described in Knowledgebase

    Article AE0235 - How to Create a Virtual Printer

  5. Next create a Local Preferences in the QuarkXPress folder (Note: not applicable for Windows Vista) as mentioned in Knowledgebase

    Article AE0246 - Rebuilding Preferences in QuarkXPress

  6. Launch QuarkXPress and try to create PDF or print a layout.


QuarkXPress 7 in some cases needs a virtual PostScript printer in order to create a PDF. In addition, if no printer is available as a default printer, you will need to create a virtual printer in order to Print to PostScript.