You can resolve this issue in one of two ways.

  • The chart will print correctly if the Excel chart is imported instead of Copy/Pasted, i.e. Printed as Vector format that references a source image.

  • Export a PDF from Excel and import it into QuarkXPress rather than Copy/Pasting the chart

Below are the steps to import an excel file:

1. Create a new project in QuarkXPress

2. Select Table from the menu. A pop up window appears to define table properties

3. Select 'Link to External Data' and click on OK. It will allow you to browse and select the excel file

4. You may choose complete spread sheet or define specific range of cells to import.


In QuarkXPress 7 the graphics engine was rewritten to use Quartz instead of QuickDraw on the Mac and GDI instead of GDI on Windows. One drawback to this change is that it was no longer possible to embed vector data into the preview structure. If you import a vector PICT or WMF into QuarkXPress 7 as a graphic file it will output just as it did in legacy versions. This is because we have a file reference which contains the correct vector data, Because QuarkXPress has no method to embed the vector data, it displays a rasterized preview, but when you print, there is no vector file reference. Therefore QuarkXPress sends the preview at low resolution.