In the case related to the reported scenario, there were problems in the files themselves. In these cases you can disable Auto Hyphenation for the applied H&J sets, such as Narrow Measure, Standard, etc.

To turn Auto Hyphenation off:

  1. Choose Edit > H&Js.

  2. In the Default H&Js dialog box, select an appied H&J such as Narrow Measure or Standard. Click Edit.

  3. The Edit Hyphenation and Justification dialog box opens. Uncheck Auto Hyphenation.

  4. Click OK. The Edit Hyphenation and Justification dialog box closes.

  5. Click Save in the Default H&Js dialog box.


If the text flow of a QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk project/article is corrupted, inserting certain special character combinations can cause a crash. The best remedy is to correct the file corruption problem so that the text flow engine in these applications can function properly.