This error indicates that the text box in which you are beginning to build your index is not automatically linked. In order to build an index in QuarkXPress you need to have the text cursor active in an automatic text box generated from a Master Page so QuarkXPress can create pages/text boxes needed to contain all the index entries.

When building an index, ensure you are using the Automatic Text Box feature in your layout. If there is no Automatic Text Box in your layout, you can follow the steps below to create one in an existing layout and master page.

  1. In the Page Layout palette, click on either a facing or non-facing page icon and drag a page to the Master Page region of the palette.

  2. Go to Page > Display > [your master page].

  3. Create a text box on the master page, (normally a full width page) that will accommodate your index

  4. Select the Linking tool in the Tools palette

  5. Click on the top left corner where the broken link icon is displayed. Then click on the text box you have drawn. If you are working in a Facing Pages layout, do this on both the left and right facing page of the master page.

  6. Return to the Layout via Page > Display and create a page based on the master page you have set up.

  7. Click on the Automatic Text Box and the Text Content tool. Then build your index.