This error occurs because QuarkXPress 8.x Plus Editions (which support East Asian languages) are scanning the printer for East Asian fonts that are used in the layout. These fonts may not be present in the printer’s font list.

To stop the alert from displaying, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project.

  2. Go to File > Print.

  3. Click on the Fonts tab

  4. Click on the Scan Printer button. (This button is only available in Plus Editions of QuarkXPress 8)

  5. Click on the Capture Settings button.

After you follow these steps, the alert will not display for that specific printer. If you wish to remove the alert for all printers, please repeat them for each printer.

Note!: On Windows, you can also click on the Do not show this alert again checkbox.

Note!: This solution can also resolve problems related to text displaying as junk while trying to Print or exporting layouts as PDF when the layout contains East Asian fonts.