The Mojigumi feature in East Asian versions of QuarkXPress 8 allows you to set character width (similar to kerning) relationships between full width East Asian glyphs and Western Roman glyphs. It is only available in the PLUS Editions of QuarkXPress 8. Mojigumi is not applied in QuarkXPress 7.0 projects opened in QuarkXPress 8.0 because OpenType Kerning is always applied on all characters in version 7 when the “Use OpenType Kerning” option is enabled. QuarkXPress 7 thus treated all characters (both Half Width and Full Width) in the same manner and applied OpenType Kerning to all characters.

While QuarkXPress 8.0, like QuarkXPress 7, comes with an option to turn off OpenType Kerning on Full Width characters this option is not turned on automatically when a version 7 project is opened in QuarkXPress 8.0. This occurs because OpenType Kerning is already detected as being applied for Full Width characters whether they are present in a layout or not.

In order to apply Mojigumi in documents created in older versions than 8 and 9, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the document,

  2. Go to QuarkXPress > Preferences > Project > General.

  3. Enable the “Do Not Kern Full Width Characters” option.

Note: Existing Full Width text in the version 7 layout (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese text) may reflow if the Font contains OpenType Kerning for Full Width characters when this option is turned on.