The difference in display is due to the way the operating system classifies and tracks font information. QuarkXPress displays font menu information using the Mac Font Family View on Macintosh workstations and the Windows Font Family View when running on Windows workstations. On the Mac OS, every font face of a font family is described in the OS as its own font family.

Legacy behavior for Windows (in the Windows Font Family View) has been to build fonts with four faces. Therefore, no font sub-menus are normally displayed, and individual faces of a font are accessed by clicking on the 'B' or 'I', etc. in the Measurements palette.

There is a third party XTension, developed by JoLauterbach Software GmbH(, called TypoX that provides a secondary palette that has a font menu that will alert you if you have applied a faux style to a font. With this XTension loaded, you will see a blank entry if you have applied a faux style. Otherwise you will see a font name listed.