Reason # 1

In few cases below listed steps have helped end-users in opening the application faster & working on the projects which were responding quite slowly:

  1. Close QuarkXPress 10.

  2. Right click on the shortcut icon & Choose Properties.

  3. Select ‘Compatibility’ Tab in the properties window.

  4. Choose Windows 7 under the option ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ because by default you’ll see Windows XP sp3 or Windows Vista listed in there.

  5. Press Apply & OK.

  6. Launch QuarkXPress 10 & observe the difference.

Also, few support members observed an Application error on launching QuarkXPress 10 on the Windows 7 machine (Bug # 158071). The wired behavior is the application (QuarkXPress 10) still launches after giving the error.

You can repeat steps from 1 to 6 to address this issue a well.