You can resolve this issue if you rename the file so that it does not contain the slash (‘/’) character. For example: “Project Name_Layout Name.pdf”. The file will be correctly written to the selected location.


Adobe PDF Writer uses a file naming convention inherited from QuarkXPress that automatically names the file “Project Name/Layout Name.pdf”. In this particular scenario, the following conditions were in place:

  • Operating system: OSX Leopard 10.5.4

    • QuarkXPress 7.31 or 8.0

      • CUPS Filter 1.01 is installed

        • Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.0 is installed and has been updated to 8.1.2

          • In the Printer Preferences, Adobe PDF 8.0 is using the driver Adobe PDF 3016.102

          To reproduce the problem, follow these steps:

          1. Go to File > Print…

            • Verify that the selected printer and PPD are both set to Adobe PDF Writer 8.0

              • Click on the Printer Button and, in the Printer Driver dialog that displays, click Print. When the Printer dialog window displays, select the location where you want to save the PDF. The layout will be automatically named “Project Name/Layout Name.pdf”. Don’t change this filename.

                • From the Quark Print Menu, click on Print. The status bar shows that the job is processed. The Adobe PDF 8.0 printer window opens and appears to write the file. However, no PDF file is created.