Applies to: QuarkXPress Server and 2015


The issue is that we have a row, that spans 2 lines because the first row is wrapping (which is what we want and expect). But that row is being split across 2 pages, so we end up with the text “GDP per capita” on line 1 with all the data points for that row, which falls on page 5 of the PDF, and then the text “(US$)” goes to the second line (which is as expected) but that second line is pushed to Page 6 of the PDF. We then get the row line under the text “(US$)”, which just makes it look wrong, since there is no data in the remainder of the line (because it was all up on line 1, as expected).


In QXPS and 2015(11.1 onwards), a new attribute INLINETABLE@ BREAKROWACROSSPAGES (TRUE | FALSE) is introduced, the attribute BREAKROWACROSSPAGES irrespective of whether BREAKROWACROSSPAGES is specified or not, by default, BREAKROWACROSSPAGES = TRUE and table’s row will break across pages.

In Modifier xml Set INLINETABLE@BREAKROWACROSSPAGES = FALSE if you intend that the bottommost row appearing on the page should not break. This will result in entire row to spill to next page leaving the empty space on the preceding the page.