Delete the Font Cache as described in the steps below. Note, however, that the problem may recur as the cache will fill up again over time.

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista:

1. Go To C:\Windows\System32

2. Delete the FNTCACHE.DAT file.

3. Restart the system.

4. A new FNTCACHE.DAT file will be created.

For Mac OS X:

There are several different ways to test and clear the Font Cache under Mac OS X:

· Use a third-party utility such as Font Finagler or Font Nuke to remove damaged font cache files.

· Safe Boot your computer by holding down the Shift key while turning on or restarting your computer. This method runs Mac OS in Safe Mode. Launch QuarkXPress and test the features that had failed. If QuarkXPress works correctly, quit the application. Then Restart your computer.

Note: The following procedure involves modification critical files and should be executed only if you are a 'Power User' of the Unix Terminal application in Mac OS X.

· Use the Terminal to delete the Font Cache.

1. Launch the Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal).Enter cd ~/Library/Caches

2. Enter sudo rm *.fcache*

3. Enter sudo rm *.FODB*

4. Enter cd /Library/Caches.

5. Enter sudo rm *.fcache*

6. Enter sudo rm *.FODB*

7. Enter cd /System/Library/Caches

8. Enter sudo rm *.fcache*

9. Enter sudo rm *.FODB*

10. Enter sudo rm fontTablesAnnex*

11. Quit Terminal and launch QuarkXPress.

· You can also manually browse to the Font Cache folder and delete the cache files.

Note: The following procedure involves modification of critical files and should be executed only if you are a 'Power User' of Mac OS X.

1. Navigate to Mac HD/System/Library/Caches

2. Delete the file and

3. Navigate to Mac HD/Library/Caches/

4. Delete the following files:





5. Navigate to Mac HD/Library/Preferences and delete the file.

6. Navigate to Mac HD/System/Library/Caches and delete the file.

7. Also delete the fontTablesAnnex from the above location.

8. Restart the machine.


When fonts begin to display or print inconsistently, the cause may be that the font cache needs to be cleared or cleaned out. The procedure to do this may vary depending upon the operating system you are running. The font cache keeps track of the locations of all the fonts installed on the machine. A corrupted font cache may cause a number of issues related to fonts. In order to overcome issues related to fonts, it is necessary to delete the font cache file(s). There is no harm deleting these files—they will be recreated when the machine is restarted.