Following are ways to address this installation issue:

  1. Confirm that the validation code you have received is correct. You can contact our Technical Support team to verify this information.

  2. The Trial Version of the QuarkXPress 7 Installer is normally kept at the most recent version (currently 7.5). Any valid QuarkXPress 7 validation code will work with the current Trial Version Installer application. Download the Evaluation version of QuarkXPress 7 from the Quark website and enter your validation code when prompted with the Validation Code screen.

  3. If you have QuarkXPress 6 installed on your machine, uninstall it before installing QuarkXPress 7.

  4. If QuarkXPress 6.x is installed, also remove the folder (named 'Quark') from the System. This folder can be found at the following location: Macintosh HD : Library : Preferences : Quark


The problem is probably not with the validation code. The cause of this behavior is that the QuarkXPress 7.0 and 7.01 Installer application and the Mac OS are not compatible. QuarkXPress 7 and later installers require Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x) or later.