When you install QuarkXPress, you will notice that a validation code is needed in order to install the application. After you install QuarkXPress, you will then be prompted to activate it. If you choose to do so over the phone, via our Chat services, or via Email, you will be asked to provide the Quark representative with an installation code. Once you have provided this information, the representative will give you your code. In order to avoid confusion during the installation and process, you can refer to the information below for clarification on what each code does.

Validation code:

The validation code is a set of numbers and characters that you are required to enter when installing QuarkXPress. It is printed on the installation card that comes with your QuarkXPress software. The validation code is associated with the software's unique serial number. It works with the serial number to verify that you have purchased your software from a legitimate source. The QuarkXPress installer will not install the software if the validation code is not correct.

Installation code:

When you enter the validation code, a unique installation code is created and transmitted to Quark. The installation code represents your unique computer configuration. The installation code protects your privacy because it does not contain, collect, or transmit any personal information about you or your computer. The installation code is used to generate an code.


The code enables, or activates, QuarkXPress for normal use. Internet transmits the installation code to Quark, and returns an code to your computer. The code is what Quark uses to protect against software piracy.

Note: If you choose to activate over the Internet, you will only need to deal with the validation code. All the other codes are handled behind the scenes. It is much faster and more efficient to activate over the Internet. You can activate your license over the telephone or through e-mail, but this will take more time and effort.

The code is machine specific and it will only work on 1 machine. If you re-install on another machine, you will need to get another code.

More Information:

Your validation code is printed on the installation card that comes with your QuarkXPress software. If you do not have a Validation Code, call Customer service or Technical Support and provide the representative with your serial number. The representative will send you a validation code.

NOTE: The validation code is an alpha-numeric code with a length of 47 characters. Each field will take 6 characters except the last field, which will take 5 characters. All characters will need to be entered in uppercase.