Applies to-
Quark Publishing Platform 10.5.2 and Quark Publishing Platform 2015
Constraints: Constraints let a Quark Publishing Platform administrator place some controls on how users edit the attributes. Constraints on the attributes can be used to automate routing according to the status.Only user-modifiable attributes can be constrained. The Workflow and Collection attributes cannot be constrained because privileges determine whether the attributes can be modified or not.Constraints are applied based on the user's role and the asset's status at the time the Check in, Save Revision, or Edit Attribute dialog box is displayed.

Solution:To constraint an attribute for a particular workflow:

1. Click the Workflow, The Workflow pane displays.
2. Select the workflow in the Workflow Name list.
3. Click the Attribute Constraints tab.
4. Select the attribute you want to constrain and click Add Constraints. The Add Constraints dialog displays.

5. Choose an option from the View as drop-down menu. This value controls how the information in the list of statuses and roles displays.
Status then Role: Displays a hierarchical list with statuses as main headings and roles as subheadings.

Role then Status: Displays a hierarchical list with roles as main headings and statuses as subheadings.

6. Check the box for status or user role the constraint is for.
7. When a role or status in the list is checked, the constraint types become available for the selected line in the list. There are three kinds of constraints:
Prevent Change: Prevents users from altering the attribute's value.
Require Value: Prevents users from leaving an attribute's value unspecified.
Require Change: Forces users to change the attribute value.
8. To display the status only, Check Select All, The constraint can be applied to all or one of the roles at specific statuses. Unchecking Select All displays the roles only.