Slow typing speeds are experienced in QuarkXPress 8 due to the flow-space handling of the text. This occurs when the flow space of the text is irregular and the extra time needed to calculate the text flow.

Within QuarkXPress, the ObstTextFlowInc.txt file contains the information for the amount of space defined by the text. In the software the default is 1/10,000 of a point. This amount causes a delay in the typing due to the amount of calculations that are required for a higher degree of accuracy. If a lower degree of accuracy is required, the amount can be changed to 1/10 of a point.

1 (default) = 1/10,000 of a point

6554 = 1/10 of a point (less accurate)

To make this change:

  1. Quit out of QuarkXPress.

  2. Navigate to HD/User/<your user account>/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 8/ObstTextFlowInc.txt

  3. Open ObstTextFlowInc.txt in TextEdit and change the default value of '1' to '6554'.

  4. Save the file and quit out of TextEdit.

  5. Relaunch QuarkXPress.


  • If this change is incorporated, the text will reflow in the project, but the typing speed should improve.

  • If the Preferences are cleared, the settings will revert back to the default for text flow.