Applies to Quark Publishing Platform v10 and above

Option 1:
Use the following command:

java.exe -cp 'C:\Program Files\Quark\Quark Publishing Platform\Server\dependencies\tomcat-embed-core.jar' org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo

Note: Update the path to the jar file according to the location where you have Platform Server installed.

Option 2:

  1. Go to the Platform Server URL in a web browser e.g.,

  2. After this URL type any random text like tomcat e.g.,

  3. Hit Enter

  4. The error message will display and at the bottom of the error message it will display the Tomcat version

Option 3:

  • Go to platform server installed directory Server > conf > log4j.xml

  • locate the below mentioned entry and change the value from OFF to INFO

<logger name='org.apache.catalina'>
<level value='OFF' />

  • Save the file and restart Platform Server

  • Now it will show the Apache version in the QPP Server logs

2015-02-05 10:26:41,131 INFO [org.apache.catalina.core.StandardService][webcontainer-startUp] - Starting service Catalina
2015-02-05 10:26:41,131 INFO [org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine][webcontainer-startUp] - Starting Servlet Engine: Apache Tomcat/7.0.29