There are two possible solutions.

  1. This behavior is corrected in QuarkXPress 8 and updating to this version will address the issue.
  2. You can also do an “Option-Open” on the 6.5 project file, which will force the text to flow according to the text flow code rules in QuarkXPress 8. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Go to File > Open.
    2. Highlight the file in question in the Open dialog box.
    3. Hold down the Option key and click Open.

Note: If you choose to Option-Open the version 6.5 project, If you choose to Option-Open the version 6.5 project, all text in the layout may exhibit reflow.


QuarkXPress 7.31 is in this case calculating the line ending by subtracting the with–stream kerning value at the end of the line to determine the line width. While this is correct behavior for calculating line widths in QuarkXPress 7, where a similar design of right–aligned text works correctly, it is not the method used in QuarkXPress 6.5 for calculating line width for right-aligned text. This is what causes the character misalignment when a file created in an older version of QuarkXPress is opened in QuarkXPress 7.31.