Applies to-

Quark Publishing Platform 2015, QuarkXPress 2015


A user can edit the QuarkXPress project in Workspace client by tagging the text and the image box.


  1. Checkout existing project or create new project in QuarkXPress.
  2. Draw text and picture boxes in it. Add some content to text box and import an image in picture box.
  3. Select the picture box and go to Platform > Assign as Picture
  4. Navigate to Window > Reflow Tagging
  5. In Reflow tagging palette, create new article.
  6. Select picture box and text box and add them as components of same article (using Add component button in Reflow tagging palette).
  7. Checkin this project to QPP.
  8. Now any user can checkout this project in Workspace client and edit the tagged boxes.


1. In QuarkXPress 10.x, instead of Reflow tagging we have Articles palette

2. Image should be part of QPP environment so that it can be edited in workspace client, so in step 2, image needs to be imported from Quark Publishing Platform.