The number of logs are modified from the log4j.xml file.

To increase the numbers of logs please navigate to the following location:

MAC: MAC HD > Applications > Quark Publishing Platform > Server > conf > log4j.xml
Windows: C:\>Program files > Quark > Quark Publishing Platform > Server > conf > log4j.xml

  1. Open the log4j.xml in Text Editor or Notepad and edit the following section:

<appender name='QpsServerAllFileAppender' class='org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender'>
<param name='file' value='log/QppServer.log' />
<param name='maxFileSize' value='10MB' />
<param name='maxBackupIndex' value='10' />

2. Change the value for maxBackupIndex value to 25 or 50 as per the requirement.You may also change the file size by changing the maxFileSize value to 5MB - 30 MB as per the requirement.

3.Save the file and replace it in the Conf folder.

4.Re-launch the Server