You can pre-fill the platform server settings in the Quark.CMSAdapter.config located inside the Quark XML Author application folder and these values will be retained & displayed in the Quark XML Author's Connection Settings dialog.

In the Quark.CMSAdapter.config, look for the following entry and update the value for serverName in the ConnectionSettings string.

After making this change, launch Quark XML Author and these values will be preconfigured in the Connection Settings dialog.

Note: If the values are not pre-configured or do not match the entry in your Quark.CMSAdapter.config, then delete the Quark.CMSAdapters.QPP.Preferences.dat (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Quark\ and relaunch Quark XML Author.

If the Quark.CMSAdapters.QPP.Preferences.dat file already exists, then Quark XML Author first tries to read the values from this preference file. Otherwise, it will read the values from the Quark.CMSAdapter.config file and populate the entries in the Connection Settings dialog accordingly.