Applies to- QXPS on Mac OS or Windows OS.

Summary- The port number has to be updated in two files. If only one of the files is updated, QXPS will not work.


Port number has to be updated as instructed below.
  1. In Windows OS, navigate to C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress Server\conf
  2. In Mac OS, navigate to Mac HDD/Applications/QuarkXPress Server/conf
  3. And, update the and Server.xml file as below-
    In, change the port number in qxpswebserver.port=8080
    In Server.xml, change the port number in <Connector port='8080' maxHttpHeaderSize='8192' maxThreads='150' minSpareThreads='25' maxSpareThreads='75' enableLookups='false' redirectPort='61399' acceptCount='100' connectionTimeout='3000000' disableUploadTimeout='true' URIEncoding='UTF-8'/>
  4. Now, restart the QuarkXPress Server.