Error Screenshot:

Background: Java is already installed on the system and you have verified it by executing the command Java -version in command prompt. However, while updating the Database, java is not recognized.

Solution: This error may occur due to the following reasons.

1. Java is not set in the system environment variable.

Even though if Java is installed on the system but if the system environment variable doesn't contain the java bin and lib path information, this error will occur. In this case, kindly set the Java bin and lib path information. Please follow the below url for more information on how to set the Java environment variable.

2. Older version of Java is installed.

Quark Publishing Platform 2015 requires Java 7, so, if you are trying to update the old database to the latest version 2015, you will need Java version 7. Please install Java 7 and set its path in the system environment variable as well.