1. Open the file 'Serverapp.properties' located under QuarkXPress Server installed directory QuarkXPress Server/conf folder and specify the context name as /qxps

qxps.webapp.context.name = /qxps

2. Go to QuarkXPress Server /webapps and rename the folder “ROOT” to “qxps” (this is same as what we mentioned in ServerApp.properties)

3. Start QuarkXPress Server Service.

Following steps are required if you are using QuarkXPress Server for rendering in Quark Publishing Platform.

1. Open the file 'ManagerContainerConfig.xml' located under Quark Publishing Platform Server installed directory Server/conf folder and uncomment the following section:

<property name='qxpsWebAppName'>



This will make the Platform server’s embedded QXPSM(QuarkXPress Server Manager) to send requests to QuarkXPress Server always with /qxps.

2. Start Quark Publishing Platform Server Service.