Applies to: QuarkXPress Server 2015

Background: A user tries to create a new QuarkXPress document with QXPS 2015 using following command however he receives Error #10329 - 'The specified job jacket file is not valid'.

http://<host>:<port>/saveas/qxpdoc/construct/project.qxp?modify=file: /Modify.xml &newname=project1.qxp

The Job-Jacket is created in older version i.e. QuarkXPress 9.


Kindly ensure that your Job-Jacket contains the following mandatory entries:

1. The first JDF tag entry has parameter Type='QuarkXPressJacket'.

2. All the Color tags have <qxp:ScreenInfo AngleMap='None' FrequencyState='0' AngleState='0' Function='Default' Frequency='0' Angle='0'/>.

3. In second JDF tag entry has parameter Type='QuarkXPressTemplateTicket'.