Applies to: QuarkXPress Server 2015, Windows Only

Performing Silent Installation:

1. First you need to install QuarkXPress Server on one machine with all the necessary details, which includes QLA, Validation code and Sub-renderer information.

2. After the installation is complete, two new files Setup.bat and Silent.xml will be created inside the QuarkXPress Server installer folder.

3. Now, make the QuarkXPress Server installer folder shareable or put the entire installer folder on a shared drive so that it is accessible over the network.

4. Copy the two files Setup.bat and Silent.xml on the second machine where you want to perform the silent install.

5. Edit the Silent.bat file in Notepad and update the path of the QuarkXPress Server setup.exe file i.e. specify the path of the shared QuarkXPress Server installer folder as per step 3 and save the file.

'\shared_drive_path\QuarkXPress Server \setup.exe' /s /v'/qn'

6. Double click on Silent.bat file and the installation process will start without prompting for any information.

Note: In case you want to install QuarkXPress Server with different QLA; update the information in silent.xml file, Validation code and Sub-renderer details. This comes handy if you want to setup a similar QuarkXPress Server setup for different environments (Production, Test, Development, and Staging etc.)