If you log in as the administrator of the Windows Vista operating system, QuarkXPress is able to launch without displaying the UAC dialog. You also can turn off User Account Control. If these are not options for your site, you can follow these steps to give the QuarkXPress application administrator permissions under the Windows Vista system while you are logged in under your normal user account:

  1. Navigate to your QuarkXPress folder (C:\Program files\Quark\QuarkXPress (7 or 8.0).

  2. Right-Click on the QuarkXPress application icon and select Run as Administrator.


QuarkXPress writes and modifies preference files for XTensions you may have loaded. In order to write to these files the application must be 'granted' permission to do so. This is a function of Windows Vista to promote greater security. You will normally see a shield icon over the QuarkXPress icon in this scenario.