To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Close the alert dialog box.

  2. Quit out of QuarkXPress.

  3. Delete the 'Quark' folder from the location 'Macintosh HD:Library:Preferences'.

  4. Run the QuarkXPress Component installer (QuarkXPress 6 and 7 only), located in the 'For System' folder in the 'QuarkXPress 6.x/7.x' folder. You must have system administrative privileges to do so.

  5. Re-launch QuarkXPress.

  6. A dialog box displays asking you if you want to activate over the telephone or the Internet.

  7. Choose Over the Internet and then click Activate QuarkXPress.

  8. You should then be able to launch QuarkXPress as you normally would.

Note!: The troubleshooting method for this error message is similar to that found in Knowledge Base Article AE0147 - File Corrupted (Mac OS).


The Xerxes Framework is software installed by QuarkXPress that contains essential resources for communicating with the operating system.