OS affected: Windows 2008 server, Windows 7

1. If Postscript Printer drivers are not installed on the server; To install:

i. Navigate to Start (Windows icon)> Control Panel > Hardware > View devices and printers (for Windows 2008 server) Or
Start (Windows icon)> Control Panel > Devices and Printers (on Windows7)
ii. Add new Postscript printer (or Adobe Printer) and set it as default
iii. Try to create Postscript file using QuarkXPress Server 9.x

2. If QuarkXPress Server is running as Service; Follow the steps to create Postscript

i. Navigate to Start > Run and type Services.msc to get Services window
ii. Locate and right click QuarkXPress Server > Properties (QuarkXPress Server 9 properties dialog box open)
iii. Click on 'Log On' tab > Check the option 'This account'
iv. Enter the credentials of current user of this machine
v. Click Ok to save the settings.

Restart QuarkXPress Server and create Postscript.