Apply the Character Style Sheet that you want to see listed in the deconstructed file to the Normal Style Sheet. In addition, all layout resources can be viewed in the Job Jacket file. You can view these resources using the jjname parameter as follows: http://servername:port//document.qxp?jjname=test.

When QuarkXPress Server executes an deconstruct of a QuarkXPress layout, it will by default only show the name of the Paragraph Style sheet applied to the text. QuarkXPress Server takes the Character Style Sheet and its attributes as child elements of the Paragraph Style Sheet, Therefore, only the name of the associated Paragraph Style Sheet is displayed. However, if we apply a Character Style Sheet to text to which the Normal Style Sheet is applied, then QuarkXPress Server will show the name of the Character Style Sheet, and the Character Style Sheet will be displayed in the deconstructed .