In versions of QuarkXPress prior to version 6.5, it was necessary to have a PostScript “Print to File” printer installed in order to generate a PDF file. While QuarkXPress 6.5 and 7.x no longer require you to do this, under some Windows operating systems, QuarkXPress Server 7.22 still seems to search for a PostScript printer in order to render a PDF file. This happens because legacy code in the QuarkXPress Server application is still calling for the Print to File printer.

Install a Print to File printer in the system's printer control panel. All image types will then render correctly through QuarkXPress Server 7.22. To do so:

  1. Open Control Panel and double click on the Printer icon.
  2. Click on Add Printer.
  3. Select Local Printer.
  4. Select the File as a Port (where it stated LPT1, LPT2....)
  5. Selecting a good Generic Postscript Printer (Apple LaserWriter II NTX V51.8)
  6. Set as Default Printer: Yes and Print a Test Page: No
  7. Click on Finish.