The issue can be resolved by choosing a PPD that supports a larger paper size in the Default Print Style. In order access a custom PPD list.


  1. Copy the PPD folder from the QuarkXPress Preferences folder to QuarkXPress Server Preferences folder.
  2. Relaunch the QuarkXPress Server application.
  3. Go to Server > Document Controls> Output Styles.
  4. Choose the Default Print Output Style and click on Edit.
  5. Select the PPD that supports a larger paper size in the Device Options tab.
  6. Now, create a PostScript file through QuarkXPress Server.

Solution# 2:

  1. Go to QuarkXPress Server > Preferences and select the PDF pane..
  2. Choose 'Postscript file for Later Distilling' in the PDF pane..
  3. Render a PostScript file through the following URL: