Applies to:

Application- Quark Publishing Platform 9 and 10

O.S- Mac, Win

Background: To set resolution, you will need to modify '' in the conf folder of QPP server.

JAWS filter settings

The JAWS filter is part of the ImageMagick® Filter Service Configurations for EPS, PDF, and Adobe® Illustrator® files. To specify settings for the JAWS filter:

  1. Open the 'conf' folder in your QPS Server folder.

  2. Open '' in a text-editing application.

  3. To specify the resolution for thumbnails and previews (measured in dots-per-inch), adjust the jawsfilter.resolution= value. The jawsfilter.resolution= value is the fallback resolution used to scale the preview image to the specified size when the proper resolution cannot be calculated.

  4. Save and close “”.

Note: The changes will take effect on restarting the QPP server. Therefore, it is recommended that these changes are made when the production is minimum.