Description: The error occurs while running Quark Publishing Platform as a service and the service does not start. Service starts only If the batch file is executed. It generally happens if the service was made dependent to another service at some earlier time and after uninstalling the software the service has been removed however the dependency remains. To clear the dependency the QPP service has to be removed and then re-inserted with the steps as mentioned below:


  • Navigate to Run>> Type Service.msc
  • Stop the Quark Publishing Platform Service from the Service window

Step 2:

  • Open the Command prompt with the following command : Navigate to Run >> Type Cmd
  • Once the command prompt is open type wrapper –r wrapper.conf
  • Now type wrapper -I wrapper.conf
  • Now open the Services through Run >> Services.msc
  • Click on Start for Quark Publishing Platform Service.

The Service should now be started without an error.