You can set the following parameters to monitor the QuarkXPress Server Subrenderers processes:

  1. Launch the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) window.
  2. Drag and Drop the QuarkXPress Server application icon.
  3. Set the values listed below in the end of the line:

    -subrenders 3 -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries 20 –recycle
  4. Press Enter.

Note: Queryinterval = the time in seconds before sending the next request to the Subrenderer
noofretries = Number of Retries to the Subrenders before restarting the process.
Recycle will tell QuarkXPress Server to restart the process if it goes into the hang state.

Note: The only difference in running QuarkXPress Server with XPressServerShadow Process is that XPressServerShadow monitors both Master as well as Subrenders process whereas the these parameters only control the health check of Subrenders. Also, on the Windows Operating System, if a subrenderer is found to be hung state or if there is no change in memory during the cycle time, the Master kills the subrenderer and subrenderer is relaunched automatically. Thus, the recycle parameter is not mandatory on Windows to control re-launch of the subrenderer. However on the Mac OS, the monitorsubrenders parameter is implemented with a recycle parameter only, i.e., the request will be killed only when the recycle parameter is entered. If the recycle parameter is omitted, then the Master will not kill any request.

The process XPressServerShadow is used when you can have one or more of the server processes hanging because of bad transactions or a damaged layout. In this case, QuarkXPress Server cannot process more transactions. In such situations, XPressServerShadow kills such a process so that it is automatically launched by the master process of the server. The XPressServerShadow script monitors the Server and restarts the application if it fails. In the case of a bad transaction or upon encountering a damaged layout, the XPressServerShadow Process is causing the crash.