Solution 1:
If QuarkXPress Server is being run with QuarkXPress Server Manager
If you receive an “Internal Server Error” while attempting to render a corrupt project, you can delete the project from the workflow. QuarkXPress Server Manager can also provide the details of the request which caused the crash. This can be useful in when you are debugging during the Staging phase of your workflow. If you wish to receive a notification e-mail on the QuarkXPress Server crash, you can set this in the QuarkXPress Server Manager by defining and configuring custom error codes. Please refer to the QuarkXPress Server User Guide for more details.

Solutions 2:
If QXPS is running in ThreadMe mode
There are two possible response values when rendering a corrupt document in Thread Me mode:

  1. “Internal Server Error”: If you receive this error while attempting to render a file, remove the corrupt project file from the workflow.
  2. Connection break: If you receive this error, you should be able to detect this event, which means that QuarkXPress Server has quit. You can then delete the (corrupt) project file that was being rendered at the point of the connection break.

Solution 3:
If QXPS is running in Master-Subrender mode
If you are running in this mode, QuarkXPress Server will generate the Internal Server Error message. Once you receive this error, delete the project file being rendered when the error occurred.

You can remove corrupt project files from the QuarkXPress Server workflow using three different methods. Please see the solutions below for more information.