Applies to- QuarkXPress Server 2015 and 2016, both Mac OS and Windows


In many scenarios, users are required to create PDF from QuarkXPress Server using QuarkXPress created output styles or using some specific settings


1. Go to QuarkXPress Server admin page http://ServerIP:8080/qxpsadmin/

2. Navigate to Administration > Job Jackets (It would open Manage Job Jacket window)

3. Click on Get Job Jacket for editing and this would download the QuarkXPress Server Job Jacket file

4. Open the above Job Jacket file in QuarkXPress

Note: Before proceeding to next step, custom output styles should be created in QuarkXPress at application level (without opening any project)

5. Click on Advanced Settings button and then click on Local Application Resources button (for more information refer page 374 of QXP_2015_09_User_Guide_EN.pdf which is located at

6. Navigate to OutputStyles

7. Drag the custom output styles which are required to be included in QuarkXPress Server and drop them over the QuarkXPress Server Job Jacket and ticket on left hand side

8. Once output styles are added to QuarkXPress Server Job Jacket, Save and close Job Jacket Manager window.

9. Again switch to QuarkXPress Server admin page and open Manage Job Jacket window (as described in step 2)

10. Export QuarkXPress project as PDF from QuarkXPress Server using custom output style through below URL request:

http://ServerIP:8080/saveas/pdf/project.pdf?outputstyle=OutputstyleName (please edit the above url request as per your requirement and specifications)