You need to configure ‘RevisionSettings’ in Workspace-Config.xml file for the content type you want to check-in silently. ‘Workspace-Config.xml’ is located in “Server\webapps\workspace\WEB-INF\classes” folder.

For content type “Picture”, use the following RevisionSettings:

<ComponentType name='Picture'>


<RevisionSetting operation='ExportComponent'>






<Attribute name='Collection' value='Home' indexingOption='INITIAL_VERSION' />

<Attribute name='Workflow' value='Color Corrected' indexingOption='INITIAL_VERSION' />

<Attribute name='Status' value='New Status 001' indexingOption='INITIAL_VERSION' />



Please update the Collection, Workflow and Status as defined in your Platform Server.

Note: You need to restart your Platform Server after making these changes in Workspace-config.xml.