Applies to: Platform Server 10.x, 2015


Is it possible to link the ChannelConfig-ext.xml to an asset saved in Platform Server? This request was raised so that users that may not have access to the physical server be able to update the saved templates. What are the ways where templates can be updated without requiring a redeployment of the template files? Especially, in WebSphere where updating the templates would require creating a new EAR file and deploying that.


If you need to update QuarkXPress templates used in publishing of assets, without redeploying the template files into the Platform Server, it can be achieved by check-in QuarkXPress template to the Platform Server and by providing its reference in the form of Platform Server URI in ChannelConfig-ext.xml file as per given below:

<param name='QXP_TEMPLATE_URI' ask='true'>qpp://assets/{AssetId}</param>


<param name='QXP_TEMPLATE_URI' ask='true'>qpp://assetsbypath/{CollectionPath}/{AssetName}</param>

Either Id or Path of the QuarkXPress template can be used in QPP URI.